Online Indigenous Led Safety Tools for Youth

Online Indigenous led Safety Tools for Youth
In March 2020, Clan Mothers Healing Village began a pilot project to lead, facilitate and
coordinate cultural programming and Indigenous land-based teachings and ceremony
as part of treatment and healing for Indigenous youth considered at risk for sexual
exploitation. Funding for this initiative was provided under the Canada-Manitoba Home
and Community Care and Mental Health and Addictions Services Funding Agreement to
improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and youth with complex, multisystem needs.
As a direct result of COVID-19, the Clan Mothers Elders were unable to meet safely
with the youth in community and pivoted the project. In collaboration with a group of
Indigenous filmmakers and animation designers, the Clan Mothers created a four part
video series, “The Journey of Piyesis”. This toolkit features Indigenous teachings
facilitated by Elders and community leaders and now available to agencies and
organizations who work with at risk and sexually exploited youth.
We are pleased to share with you this first of its kind tool. This body of work will guide
youth in identifying where they came from, what happened to them, and who they are
truly meant to be as Indigenous youth. This methodology is in alignment with
Indigenous oral tradition of storytelling in a modern context.

The videos can be viewed by visiting:

The Clan Mothers Healing Village also developed a radio and video campaign bringing
awareness to online safety and was featured in several local Indigenous languages to
assist families in addressing this issue. This unique Indigenous led initiative provides
targeted awareness for youth, their family and caregivers to be shared with communities
in the Northern region of Manitoba. To view and listen, please visit: Online Safety | Clan
Mothers Healing Village.