Peer Support

The Peer Support Program provides phone support for Manitoba’s kinship & foster parents. KFFNM trains, supervises, and supports kinship & foster parent volunteers to be skilled Peer Support Providers to offer callers support and information on a variety of subjects. All Peer Support Providers sign an Oath of Confidentiality.

Peer Support Providers are scheduled throughout the weekdays and weekends to respond to callers from their home phone. Confidential information is collected and stored in KFFNM data base to provide non identifiable information on collective challenges and strengths of providing kinship and foster care.

To access this support system,  call 204-940-1280 or toll free at 1-866-458-5650 or through email at

To become a Peer Support volunteer please contact Wendy Gillespie at 204-940-1280 or


If you are interested in becoming a peer support provider please fill in the form below: